Advising owners requiring business transfer strategies:

At Sagemark Consulting our team helps small and middle-market business owners with solutions that help toward meeting their personal exit planning, succession, and business perpetuation needs

We ask the right questions, gather the correct information, and coordinate with the appropriate advisors so you—the owner—can focus on running your business. In turn you receive the critical information you need to make the decisions relative to your exit plan, and the professional help you need during the execution phase. This approach is rooted in the “Serve First” philosophy established in 1947 by one of our legendary managers, Mr. Stuart Smith.

We understand confidentiality when family members, key employees, or a competitive auction are viable options you must weigh. Exit plans are woven into financial, investment and estate plans which allows the business owner to more efficiently allocate their capital. To effectively drive results an owner gains access to our financial partners, our investment banking and private equity relationships, and our tactical use of investment and insurance products sourced through an open-architecture model.

Jeff Janes' primary area of expertise is in the business owner marketplace advising owners of closely held companies who require exit planning, and succession planning strategies and implementation. His clients benefit from an approach that coordinates accounting, legal, investment, and insurance advisors throughout the exit planning process to identify coordination gaps and financial planning opportunities. Jeff is a seven-time member of Sagemark Consulting’s Private Wealth Services Group and also serves as a member of the prestigious Business Intelligence Institute within Lincoln Financial Network.

Every owner I meet with wants a sensible approach that helps them monetize their life’s work. They want to take care of their family and employees, preserve their company culture and values, and continue to benefit the community in which they operate. They also know that they only have one shot at getting it right. That’s what we help owners do, and precisely why exit and succession planning became my passion.”
— Jeff Janes


Based on more than 25-years of research, a lack of mental and financial readiness is the top “deal-killer” for owners contemplating a transfer or sale of equity.

This is why we offer the complimentary BERI™ Assessment. The BERI is a tool for helping you, as a business owner, determine your unique mental and financial readiness. 

This proprietary tool compares your “readiness” with a “match” -- exit options that may be most applicable to your situation. Click below to take this 10 minute assessment, and receive your custom report.

You will receive follow-up communication from us to explore this report in more detail, and further interpret the results.

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